System Decommissioning and Repowering

System Decommissioning and Repowering

System Decommissioning and Repowering

PRS also Benefits from a More Robust System

PRS takes a partnership role with the system owner to deliver a solution centered on performance and longevity. As your maintenance service provider, we are incentivized to re-design and build a system with minimal upkeep. PRS does not jump to a total decommissioning and repowering plan; we first evaluate potential retrofit/ engine-rebuild options (down to the component level) when appropriate.

Our Goal— Increase Risk Adjusted Values

Solar system components degrade at different rates depending on specific microclimates, quality of parts and workmanship. PRS’ experience in engineering and maintaining a wide range of renewable systems across the US allows us to provide more robust solutions and cost-effective solutions. Our service includes system decommissioning, engineering, installation, and approvals with local agencies.

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