Alameda County Solar Maintenance


Alameda County Solar Maintenance

Phoenix Renewable Services (PRS) is your solar maintenance company. We provide local solar photovoltaic (PV) services throughout Alameda. Your system’s health and functionality are our highest priority. We enhance your solar system’s performance through onsite troubleshooting, reactive maintenance, and general care. 

For Solar Maintenance services in Alameda, contact us through our form, or give us a call today at (559) 225-5777.

Solar Maintenance & Operations Services in Alameda County

Our team of performance monitoring specialists actively monitor the performance of your solar system and will remotely triage any potential issues. In the event the issue cannot be addressed remotely, our operations team quickly alerts the customer and upon approval, prepares for dispatch. 

PRS is recognized in the solar Operations and Maintenance (O&M) as a true turnkey maintenance provider due to our in-house capabilities: preventative and reactive maintenance, network engineering/ DAS, engineering, repowering/ system retrofit and deep module cleaning. This vertical approach avoids long-lead time concerns related to third parties and manufacturers. 

Headquartered in San Diego, California with technicians strategically located in the Western US allows PRS to efficiently service distributed government, municipal, and commercial/ industrial customers throughout Alameda.

Phoenix Renewable Services, Best Solar Services in Alameda County

PRS' invigorating drive to innovate new and improve existing services has created a strong culture of initiation from the top down. More commercial and enterprise end-users are turning to PRS to actively monitor system performance, identify and correct critical issues before they balloon into downtime.

Our field service teams are strategically located across the southwest to effectively serve +400 megawatts (over 900 individual assets) of distributed government/ municipal, commercial/ industrial and grid-scale assets throughout Alameda.

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To take advantage of your solar system’s full potential and avoid costly potential issues, Contact Phoenix Renewable Services today, or call us at (559) 225-5777.

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