Preventive and Reactive Maintenance

Preventive and Reactive Maintenance


Preventative Maintenance

We invest our time upfront to truly understand the historical performance of the asset and the condition of the site to deliver a protection plan which will avoid costly issues down the road.

Preventative Maintenance is heavily reliant on accurate onsite and remote data collection. PRS field service teams conduct inspections of each renewable energy system based on the specific variables— system engineering/ design, local environment, and workmanship. Once the data is collected, our engineers effectively organize and interpret the data for the customer so that intelligent decisions can be reached on recommended actions.

Not all Systems are Engineered and Constructed Equally

The O&M industry remains fragmented, and methods vary between system developers/ EPC’s, electrical firms, and maintenance providers. PRS brings power quality and manufacturing expertise which is centered on root-cause and performance. This holistic approach is disrupting the O&M industry.

Out of Warranty?

PRS’ vertical O&M team avoids the lead time and costs attributed to third party delays and rip and replace recommendations. Our team of experts have proprietary internal processes for preventative maintenance procedures and developed in-house refurbishment capabilities to increase inverter and module reliability and performance.

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